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  • PetKit - Ever Sweet Generation 2 Water Fountain - White (2L)
    Stylish and unique designed fountain for dogs and cats. Has a 2L water capacity to meet the drinking requirement of your pet day and night. Has an ultra silent pump which is perfect for your home. Has a LED that warns when filter needs to be changed and also has a water indicator window to see when water needs to be topped up. Has an auto power off if the water level gets too low. Loop filter design provides your dog fresh filtered water all day.
  • Petkit - Eversweet "SOLO" Fountain (1.8L)
    Ever searched for pet products that don't just look the part, but play the part as well? Well, your search is now over! Petkit's intelligent range of accessories is perfect for the modern pet parent, incorporating clever technologies to make life just that little bit easier - and happier.
  • Petkit - Eversweet Generation 3 Fountain (1.35L)
    Product Specifications
    Dimensions: 19.85L x 19.5W x 15.58H cm, contains up to 1.35L of water.

    Power voltage: 5V.

    Product Material
    Main water storage: 304 Stainless Steel.

    Exterior: ABS.

    Tray: Tritan.
  • PetKit - Eversweet Smart Water Fountain Replacement Filters (5pcs)
    Eversweet Smart Water Fountain Replacement Filters has an improved filtration function. It utilizes double filter components and a high density micro pore filter. This helps filters out pet hair and most other impurities, giving your pet cleaner, softer water.

  • PetKit - Fountain Cleaning Kit
    This Cleaning Kit from Petkit, will help your pet fountain operate smoothly thus provides clean water to your pets. Made for the Petkit Ever Sweet Smart Drinking Fountain Gen. 2.

  • Petkit - Smart Home with Air-Conditioning and Heat
    Product Features:
    - Smart Temperature Control: Monitoring the temperature and humidity with sensors in the pet house allows for pet parents to change the cozy house temperature accordingly and accurately, and or changing the settings for automatic changes
    - Long-range Remote Control: Pet parents can control and monitor the cozy house temperature away from home via the PETKIT app on their smartphone.
    - Air-conditioning Cooling System: Provides not only warmth for pets but a cooling system to ensure pets can stay at a healthy temperature in hot and humid climates. The air-conditioning cooling system has a function for adjustable working speeds to automatically cool down according to your personalized settings
    - Fluid Engineering Air Duct: This allows the smart cozy pet house to operate with lower noises and maximizes the technology’s efficiency.
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