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Petsafe - Spray Bark Control Collar (1pc)

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Product no.: 108-011-008
Harmless spray collar that corrects nuisance barking with a surprising mist of spray.

How to use:
We recommend that you read the included guide for preparing the collar before for use, as the is a easy step-by-step guide with fotos.

Please note that we recommend that you take of all other collars your dog may be wearing when using the Spray collar. Place the Spray Collar around the dogs neck like a normal collar, making sure the spray valve is directed toward the snout. Adjust the collar to the dog like a regular collar. You should be able to easily pass two fingers between your dog’s neck and the device. We suggest that you check the collar regularly to make sure that it is well adjusted.


Product features
- Adjustable nylon collar
- Includes cannister of spray (Unscented)
- Uses a burst of spray to deter unwanted barking
- Unscented spray. (Stainfree and hypo-allergenic)
- Lightweight and comfortable
- 2 spray levels – short or long
- Battery included
- See-through reservoir with level indicator
- PetSafe model SBC-10
PetSafe - Spray Bark Control Collar
This small, lightweight collar from PetSafe® corrects nuisance barking with a surprising mist of spray.
The unit corrects your dog each time he barks - important consistency for effective training. It is completely harmless and has no secondary effects.
Petsafes Spray Bark Control Collar is designed to assist you in training your dog and controlling his nuisance barking. Its comforting effect allows dogs to adapt easily and quietly to their environment while providing peace of mind to their owners.

Spray Bark Control Collar is highly efficient because it distracts the animal’s primary sensory perceptions in a harmless, painless way. The system works automatically and requires no human intervention.

Keep the device clean at all times. Do not immerse it in water when cleaning. Simply use a dry cloth to wipe away dirt. You may lightly brush with an old toothbrush if dirt accumulated in front of the microphone grid.

Do not expose the device neither to freezing temperatures nor to conditions warmer than 45°C. Be particularly careful not to leave the device in direct sunlight, either by a window or in a car on a summer day, etc.

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