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Pond Fish Food

  • <B>JBL Pro Pond All Seasons</B> (7.5kg)
    Ideal for Medium Pond fish like KOI, in the sizes 35-55cm. The stick are medium sizes and floating type.
  • <B>N.T. Labs - Medikoi - Probiotic</B> (6mm) 1.75kg
    Highly palatable and digestible food for your koi
  • <B>N.T. Labs - Medikoi Probiotic Growth Junior</B> (3mm) 1.75kg
    Over the years of research and development Medikoi Probiotic Growth brings a complete, professional diet for champion koi's to amplify growth and development. Medikoi Probiotic Growth contains only highest quality ingredient chosen for koi's safety growth at the same time giving useful gut bacteria to guarantee ideal supplement take-up and enhancing the colours of your fish.
  • <B>N.T. Labs - Medikoi Staple with Colour Enhancer</B> (6mm) 5kg
    Medikoi Staple is perfect for everyday feeding as it is a highly digestible feed for all pond fishes. Intended to be easily absorbed and metabolized by your fish Medikoi Staple uses only high quality ingredients bringing maximum food conversion, enhanced colour and minimum waste making the water quality stays at ideal conditions. Medikoi Staple keeps your fish consistently healthy throughout the year since it is additionally loaded with vitamins and minerals for your champion Koi's.

    Packed with natural colour promoting carotenoids, this feed is also enriched with Spirulina that serves as a colour enhancer, intensifying the colour definition and vividness of your fish.
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