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Ponds & Pools

  • <B>Theiling - Lounge Pond De Luxe</B>
    A complete pond set up. A well pump with filter complete this piece individual design round the year usable product design for your garden or living room.

    The Lounge Pond de Luxe comes with an additional waterfall, illuminated with blue LEDs and a plant basket for aquatic plants. (Plants NOT included)

  • <B>Affinity InPond Foam set</B>
    The foam set is easy to change and adds the 'shine' to your pond or pool. Not only is it a very effective way of keeping your water clean, it works in harmony with the polymer wool cartridge to keep our product in tip top condition.

    All Affinity products are designed and manufactured by a leading UK water garden brand; Blagdon – The Pond Masters. With over fifty years experience in fish keeping and water gardening, you can be sure all of our products are not only beautifully made, but designed specifically for lengthy and successful fish keeping and water gardening.
  • <B>Blagdon Treat Flora Boost </B> (250ml)
  • An essential trace element products ensuring that all water garden plants growth healthily and flower freely. Supplies key chelated iron in a form that can easily be taken up by plants – give this product its unique purple colour.

  • Blagdon products and Flora Boost is harmless to filters, all species of pond fish, plants and wildlife
  • AED70.00
  • <B>Sicce - Syncra Pump</B> 0.5 - 1.5
    Pumps from 700- 1350 liters pr. hour. A line of new generation pumps, created to pair elevated performances with extreme silence and energy saving.

    Available In:
  • <B>Sicce - Syncra Pump</B> 2.0 - 3.0
    From 2150l/h to 2700l/h - the Syncra Silent is a line of new generation of pumps, created to pair elevated performances with extreme silence and energy saving.

    Available In:
  • <B>Sicce - Syncra Pump</B> 3.5 to 5.0
    For requirement from 2500liters pr. hour and up a pump line of new generation, created to pair elevated performances with extreme silence and energy saving.

    Available In:
  • <B>Sicce Syncra HF Pump</B> 10.0 - 16.0
    Engineered and tested to outperform pumps rated at much higher flow at equal head pressures. The powerful permanent magnet synchronous motors ensure high energy efficiency and reliability for both submersed or external inline applications.
    Available In:
    9500l/h - AED 1625
    12500l/h - AED 1950
    16000l/H - AED 2250
  • <B>Theiling - Lunar Fountain</B>
    Theiling Lunar Fountain is a complete filter system that is perfect for your small garden ponds. It has nice water feature that glows in the evening due to the included LED light. This Lunar fountain also contains a circulation pump that has an in built UV-C water clarifier and a filter sponge for mechanical and biological water purification. This Lunar fountain comes with 3 different nozzle attachments which will give your pond 3 different water features (1. the water ball type, 2. the fountain type and 3. the spray type) that will surely caught everyone's attention. It can keep your pond free from planktonic algae, you can be sure your pond is clear even with up to 5000L of water.
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