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  • <B>Proline - Beef Ears</B> (3pcs)
    Cow ears are highly digestible and tasty for your dog. This makes them a healthy snack for slightly overweight dogs. 3 pieces

    For dogs above 9 month of age.
  • <B>Proline - Beef Sticks</B> (100g)
    The beef sticks are a healthy and aromatic treat your dog will love to chew. 100gram will normally be 5-7 sticks
  • <B>Proline - Calf Bone</B> (1pc)
    Proline Petfood dried calf tendons are the ideal snack for smaller dogs. The Proline 70 gram pack contains plenty of tendons. Chewing on calf tendons is great for cleaning your dog's teeth.
  • <B>Proline - Chicken Sticks</B> (130g)
    Your dog loves chicken necks? Then this is just the treat for him, the Proline chicken stick are made from 100% chicken and is a healthy dog treats for all sizes of adult dogs.
  • <B>Proline - Lamb Tripe</B> (100g)
    Proline lamb tripe is a unique and healthy treat for your dog. Lamb tripe sticks are very aromatic and savory and also suitable for dogs on a lamb/rice diet. After all, they only contain 100% meat and no additives!
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