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Tired of your dog chewing, licking or biting your furniture, carpets, shoes or other household items? The help is here - sprays the objects and your dog will stay away!
  • <B>Four Paws Keep Off - Repellent for Dogs & Cats</B> (16oz)
    Keep your cat or dog from fouling in inappropriate places with the highly effective Keep off Spray.

    Indoor / Outdoor use
  • <B>Beaphar - Pet Behave Spray (Stop It)</B> (125ml)
    Effective repellent for Dogs.

    Stop-It repels dogs from places and objects where they can cause annoyance. Spray well on places that the dog is unwanted.

  • <B>Kyron - Footsack</B> (200ml)
    Cat and Dog repellent / training aid. Can be used indoor and outdoor.
    Contains 2-undecanone and aromatic oils in an aqueous/alcohol base.
  • <B>Trixie - Chew Stop Spray</B> (175ml)
    Protects items from dogs who like chewing.

    Size: 175 ml
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