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Tired of your dog chewing, licking or biting your furniture, carpets, shoes or other household items? The help is here - sprays the objects and your dog will stay away!
  • Four Paws Keep Off - Repellent for Dogs & Cats (10oz)
    Keep your cat or dog from fouling in inappropriate places with the highly effective Keep off Spray.

    Indoor / Outdoor use
  • Simple Solution - Chew Stopper
    With a strong, bitter flavor that can be applied to any item that is likely to be chewed or damaged by repeated chewing or gnawing from your furry friend.

    Size: 500 ml
  • <B>Kiwi Walker - Waste Bags</B> (5 pcs)
    5 Different Colors of Poo bags
  • Trixie - Chew Stop Spray (175ml)
    Protects items from dogs who like chewing.

    Size: 175 ml
  • Trixie - Chew Stopper Eucalyptus Spray (500ml)
    This chew stopper spray from Trixie is a completely natural, eucalyptus-based anti-gnawing spray developed to protect objects and furniture that dogs have menstruated from gnawing and biting. It has a pleasant fragrance and can be used to prevent the dog from gnawing and biting indoors or outdoors. It has no harm to the dog's health. Only when the dog gnaws, licks or bites that area will get an unpleasant taste, so he will give up this bad habit.

    Shake well before use.
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