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Ropes & Rings Toys


Ropes and rings toy are great for tug-o war and pulling games. Many ring-shaped dog toys float making them perfect for water and fetch games because they are easy to grip.
  • <B>Trixie - Denta Fun Ring with Hand loop </B>
    Playful dental care chewing on ropes with ring. Special shapes helps keep your dog's teeth clean and promotes dental hygiene. Made of cotton mix material and natural rubber ring with hand loop. Gently massages teeth and gums during play.
  • <B>Trixie - Denta Fun Rope Octopus Toy</B> (7cm/44cm)
    Rope octopus for gentle dental care, the mix of knot sizes and long rope pieces makes this toy fun for all sizes and ages of dogs, while gently removing tartar and plaque from the dogs teeth.

    Assorted colors

    Measurement: Knot ø7cm /length: 44 cm
  • <B>Trixie - Dog Activity Ring Catapult</B> (17 cm/48 cm)
    Launcher for vinyl ring, loaded with ring. Are your dog up for a good game of fetch? This floatable dog toy will not only for far by air but also by land.
  • <B>Trixie - Rubber Tire on Rope</B>
    Soft and cuddly or tough and robust this dog toys have something to offer for each style of play. Tire on rope for play to your dog hour during you are working. Its made with natural rubber for chewable and not harmful to your pet. Extra robust due to textile insert comes with hand loop. Most chewable and loveable gift for pet.

    Size: ø 15 cm/31 cm

    NOTE: NOT A CHEW TOY! Don't leave it unattended with your dog as the might chew the rubber and end swallow pieces.
  • <B>Trixie - Rugby Ball on a Rope</B> (32cm)
    Use for many dogs, the game of throwing and fetching is simply the best. Rugby Ball on a Rope great toy for throw and fetch games dual texture and rubber for toughness. made with natural rubber and comes with hand loop. it is suitable for medium and large breeds.

  • <B>Trixie Dog Activity - Dog Disc</B> (23cm)
    Bite-proof and non-splinter for dogs that love to play fetch in or around water.

    This Trixie dog disc has been approved by AWI and UFO for their competitions.
    Ashley Whippet and UFO are organisations that run international competitions all over the world. Only discs that meet their high standards are approved for their competitions.

    Product Features:
    - Made of flexible, soft and robust plastic
    - Approved for AWI and UFO tournaments
    - Optimal flight characteristics
    - Bite-proof and non-splinter
    - Trains endurance, reactions and the dog’s speed
    - Developed in co-operation with the Disc Dogging champion Karin Actun

    Incl. booklet with tips and tricks for designing optimal training

  • <B>Thunder Paws - Dental Ring</B>
    Colorful ring with spikes. Suitable for small to medium dogs in light TPR material.
  • <B>Thunder Paws - Puppy Keys</B>
    Cute key set for the little one! TPR ring with attached toys. Ideal for small breeds and toy breeds.
  • <B>Thunder Paws - Ring & Rope Toy</B>
    Cotton rope with TPR ring. Ideal toy that can keep small to medium dogs and puppies going for long time.
  • <B>Trixie - Rope animal with Tennis Ball</B> (28 cm)
    These brightly colored tennis balls are no ordinary tennis balls - they have a rope animal around them, making them a great treat for your pet dog. Excellent with various touch and feel aspects. A new and interesting way for throwing toys. Ideal for small dogs.
  • <B>Beco - Hoop On Rope</B> (Small)
    Ideal for tug war or just to make to throw the toy further - the rubber ring takes it long and the rope makes it easier to throw it.

    Please choose the color of the ring!
  • <B>BecoHoop</B> (Small/12cm)
    Made from Becothings natural rubber and rice husk mix offering a flexible and durable dog toy. The varying circumference thickness allows for your dog to get a good grip

    Vanilla scented rubber!

    Size: 12 cm
  • <B>Beco - Ball On Rope</B> (Large)
    Great for combining fetch and tug-of-war! 50 cm of rope and 7.5 cm ball - ideal for small and medium breeds!

    The ball made from natural rubber and rice husk fibres from BecoThings and the rope is a 100% Natural Cotton Rope.
  • <B>Beco - Hoop On Rope</B> (Large)
    Let the fun begin - the ring makes it easy for the dog to bring back the toy and the rope allows you to throw it even further. 100% Natural cotton rope with a Beco Hoop ring on!
  • <B>BecoHoop</B> (Large/16.5cm)
    Beco designed the Beco Hoop to be as stretchy and flexible as possible, making it great fun for your pet. This hoop is also the perfect toy for older dogs with fragile teeth or teething puppies as it is soft and lightweight. A great design feature of the Beco Hoop is the varying thickness of the hoop’s circumference, which allows pets of any size to get a good grip during a game of tug ‘o’ war. Made from natural rice husk rubber it’s better for your pet and the environment!

    Product features:
    - Varying circumference thickness allows for your dog to get a good grip
    - Made from natural rubber and rice husks
    - Flexible yet durable
    - Vanilla scented
    - 3 vibrant colours
    - Lightweight
    - Toxin free
  • <B>Armitage Good Boy - Wild Tugs Lizard</B>
    If your dog loves games of tug-of-war with you then it'll love the Good Boy Wild Tugz Lizard. Made from highly durable canvas and stitched together with extra strong, heavy duty stitches, this is an ideal toy for throwing, fetching and tugging.

    With a strong rope that stretches from the lizard's nose to its tail, this toy can either serve as a tug rope or thrown a great distance by swinging it from its tail.

    Product features:
    - Tough tug-able design
    - Durable design
    - Great for all sized active dogs
    - Squeaker
    - Made from non-toxic materials
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