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Roudybush - Maintenance Nibles (1.25kg)

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Product no.: 107-810-001
Roudybush Products assures that your birds receive the finest blend of nutrients available in a completely edible product. Little waste & mess, no additional vitamin or mineral supplements necessary, no added sugars or colours, and all natural preservatives.Roudybush - Maintenance Nibles are designed to retain beneficial nutrients while eliminating harmful bacteria.Contains 11% protein, 7% fat. Use for pet birds year-round and for off-season breeding birds.
Recommended for Finch, Canary, Budgie (Parakeet) and any other similar sized birds (up to 3 inches tall).
Use this diet when switching your bird from its old diet to Roudybush. Continue to feed to adult birds that are not laying eggs or feeding chicks. Fresh Fruit, Vegetables & Treats may also be given as a part of the diet.
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