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Safe collar


If your cat goes outdoors at night, make sure you kitty can be seen with one of our reflective cat collar! Or try our cat collars with breakaway buckles. They are designed specially for cats! If their collar catches on something, the cat's twisting or struggling action cause the buckle to open and freeing the cat!
  • <B>Trixie - Cat Collar with Address Tag </B>
    This charming Trixie cat collar is ideal if your cat likes to roam.
  • <B>Trixie - Elastic Nylon Cat Collar</B>
    Fully adjustable elastic cat collar. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use due to the elastic. With Bell
  • <B>Trixie - 'Kitty Cat' Kitten Collar</B>
    Ideal for small cats and kittens. Fully adjustable small collar and with bell and elastic strap, making it suitable fro indoor and outdoor use.
  • <B>Trixie - Nylon Reflecting Cat Collar with Bell</B> (XL)
    Trixie - Nylon Reflective Cat Collar with bell for large cats is fully adjustable soft weave comfortable cat collar.

  • <B>Trixie - Satin Cat Collar</B>
    The Trixie Nylon Cat Collar features a fully adjustable strap making it purrrfect for growing cats!
  • <B>Trixie - Glow in the Dark Cat Collar</B>
    Have a cat that like to spend the night outside? Let it been seen with this "Glow in the Dark collar" in artificial leather/nylon that are fully adjustable and with a small bell.
  • <B>Trixie - Glow-in-the-Dark Kitten Collar</B>
    Charges up during daylight and luminesces in the dark and will make finding your cat in the dark easy!

  • <B>Trixie - Reflective Cat Collars with two buckles</B>
    ThisTrixie - Reflective Cat Collars with two buckles is perfect for cats, is fully adjustable and has a bell attached.2 fasteners ensure that collar opens reliably when it catches somewhere.
  • <B>Trixie - Reflective Kitten Collar</B>
    This Trixie nylon collar is perfect for kittens and cats, is fully adjustable and has a bell attached. Extra feature is that this collar is reflective for the kitties safety.
  • <B>D&D Cat-WALK "Kitty" Safety Cat Collar</B> (Red)
    Ideal for kittens and small breeds, with safety click and bell. Bright Red collar with with "I am Kitty cat" text and Black fish bone.
  • <B>D&D Cat-WALK "Kitty" Safety Cat Collar</B> (White)
    Ideal for kittens and small breeds. Black & White design.
  • <B>D&D Cat-Walk KITTY Safety Cat Collar</B> (Black)
    Adjustable kitten collar (16-23cm) with safety click and bell. Ideal for kittens and small breeds.
  • <B>Sweet Pickles - “The True Love” Red with White Hearts  Cat Collar </B>
    The True Love cat collar features white hearts on bright red. This bright and fun collar is the perfect look for the kitty love of your life.

    All collars feature breakaway buckles for your cat's safety and come with an attached bell.
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