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Scratch toys


Save your furniture with a high quality scratch toy! Cats have an inner need to scratch and they will scrath upon household surfaces if you do not provide an alternative. Our selection of different scratch toys is big and we offer boards and toys - it will satisfy you kitty's needs.
  • Trixie - Mimi Scratching Wave (50x9x23cm)
    Super value for money - Curved scratcher in cardboard with catnip. Ideal for cats that like to use the claws or just love the scent of cardboard.
  • Trixie - Pink Scratching Cardboard Model 48005
    Row of holes open up to 2 balls for your kitty to fish after. The scratch pad allows for natural trimming of the nails and can be refreshed with a sprinkling of catnip.
  • Trixie - Scratching Roll (23cm)
    Keep your kitty active with the scratch roller.
  • Bergan - Replacement Scratch Pads (2pcs)
    Replacement pads for the Bergan Turbo Scratcher and Bergan Star Chaser
  • D&D - Corduroy Rocco Catnip Cuddle Cat Toy (Green)
    This Corduroy Rocco Catnip Cuddle Cat Toy have been created to provide your kitty cats with hours of fun and activity. Your cats can play, kick and cuddle to its heart´s content. This toy is made from a soft corduroy fabric with an attached fluffy tail & bell for extra fun. It also has a pocket that can be close by a velcro strap, where you can insert a bag of catnip.
  • Ebi Coockoo - Foxy Magic Ball for Cats (Blue)
    Coockoo Foxy is an EBI electronic cat toy that can be attached to any scratching tree, window sill or table thanks to a clip or Velcro. The plush play rod with springs and bell rolls up and down automatically and randomly. This interactive toy stimulates your cat to play more. Cats often tend to get too fat, and an active toy keeps them fit and healthy. Coockoo Foxy has an on/off button, but switches itself off automatically after 5 minutes of play.
  • Trixie - Bird Fabric (10cm)
    Measurements: 10 cm
  • Trixie - Heart Jute/Fabric (8cm)
    Measurements: 8 cm
  • Trixie - Little Hat Jute/Fabric (9cm)
    Measurements: 9 cm
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