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  • <B>EasiCricket - Small</B> (34g)
    A great alternative to live feeder insects. 100% Small Brown House Crickets
  • <B>Aquavitro - Alpha</B> (350ml)
    removes chlorine, chloramine & ammonia
    detoxifies nitrite & nitrate, heavy metals & more
    most concentrated conditioner on the market
  • <B>Aquavitro - Coral Cutter</B> (18 cm)
    Surgical quality stainless steel blades make the Coral Cutter an ideal tool for fragging or trimming corals to maintain space or shape of a reef. Can cut through thick corals with ease and also be used in freshwater aquarium as well.
  • <B>Aquavitro - Fuel</B> (350ml)
    Comprehensive carbohydrate, vitamin, amino acid, and polyunsaturated fatty acid supplement for corals
  • <B>Aquavitro - Ions</B> (350ml)
    Highly concentrated quality liquid magnesium (90,000 mg/L) without ammonia
  • <B>Aquavitro - Vibrance</B> (350ml)
    a highly concentrated (10,000 mg/L) naturally stabilized potassium iodide source
  • <B>Aquavitro Calcification</B> (350ml)
    Highly concentrated optimized blend of ionic & bioavailable calcium (140,000 mg/L)
  • <B>Jurassi Clean</B>
    Formulated with a safe and natural synergistic blend of stain and odor fighting bacteria and enzymes that facilitate the breakdown of biological waste.

    Available in:
    250ml - AED 45
    1L - AED 125
  • <B>Jurassi Guard</B> (250ml)
    JurassiGuard is an all natural garlic scented odor and flavor enhancer. Our research has shown that many reptiles are attracted to natural odors, such as garlic.
  • <B>Jurassi Mite </B> (250ml)
    JurassiMite™ utilizes an all natural, non-toxic formula that safely and effectively eradicates common reptile parasites such as mites, fleas, and ticks.
  • <B>Jurassi Quench</B> (180g)
    The easiest and safest way to give your feeder insects water!

    Enriched with Vitamin C
  • <B>JurassiDiet - EasiDragon</B> (40g)
    Jurassi Diet EasiDragon

    Tinned DragonFly Larvae - Huge Feeders Full of Goodness
  • <B>JurassiDiet - Gutload</B> (50g)
    Premium Food for Feeder Insects - Full of rich vitamins and minerals to ensure the good health of your Pet!
    Best if used in conjunction with Jurassi Quench.

  • <B>JurassiFruit - Strawberry</B> (250ml)
    An all natural scented appetite stimulator for reptiles and amphibians. Ideal for all reptiles, especially herbivores like Iguanas and tortoises.
  • <B>Seachem -  Gold Salt</B> (300g)
    Seachem Gold Salt is designed to provide the optimal environment for all goldfish species.

  • <B>Seachem -  Gold Trace</B> (250ml)
    Seachem Gold Trace supplies a broad range of trace elements demonstrated to be necessary for proper fish health and growth.

  • <B>Seachem - Ammonia Alert</B>
    Ammonia Alert™ lasts over 9 times as long as competing products (over a year compared to 4-6 weeks).
    Ammonia Alert™ is also almost half the size of competing products. It's small, clear, and unobtrusive, so it won't detract from the view of your aquarium.
  • <B>Seachem - Equilibrium</B> (300g)
    Seachem Equilibrium establishes ideal mineral/electrolyte balance in planted aquariums.
  • <B>Seachem - Flourish Glue</B> (8g)
    Flourish Glue is a superior cyanoacrylate gel for attaching moss and plants to rocks, driftwood, and even gravel.
  • <B>Seachem - Flourish</B>
    Comprehensive plant supplement for the natural freshwater aquarium.

    Available in:
    100ml - AED 27
    250ml - AED 39
  • <B>Seachem  Marine Trace</B> (250ml)
    Supplies a broad range of trace elements demonstrated to be necessary for proper fish health and growth
  • <B>Seachem - MatrixCarbon</B>
    MatrixCarbon is a truly unique activated carbon.

    Available in:
    250ml - AED 42
    1L - AED 120
  • <B>Seachem - pH Alert</B>
    pH Alert™ is a unique color device designed to be placed in the aquarium or filter and monitor pH continuously.
    A sensor changes color reversibly to alert you shifts to in pH levels between 5.8 and 8.2. No tests, no strips, just constant readings. Freshwater Only.
  • <B>Seachem - Purigen</B>
    Premium synthetic adsorbent to remove soluble and insoluble impurities from both fresh & marine waters. A great product which can be regenerated and used again.

    Comes in:
    100ml - AED 53
    250ml - AED 90
    1000ml - AED 295
  • <B>Seachem - Reef Status Strontium</B>
    The first and only 10 minute strontium test! The test involves separation of strontium from the sample by a highly selective extraction technique, followed by a sensitive titration in 0.5 mg/L increments. Each kit runs 50 tests.
  • <B>Seachem - SeaGel</B> (1L)
    SeaGel is a blend of MatrixCarbon and PhosGuard.

    MatrixCarbon is an ultracapacity carbon for the removal of organic and color impurities.

    PhosGuard is a powerful remover of phosphate, silicate, toxic metals, and acids.

    Both components are bead shaped for optimum water flow characteristics and penetration
  • <B>Seachem - The Bag</B>
    The Bag™ is an innovative welded filter bag with a durable non-stitched seam. It has a 180 micron mesh, is resistant to bleach, caustics, and acids, and comes with a convenient resealable locking closure. It is available in a convenient 5" x 10" size. It is ideal for all filtration products and has an exceptionally long life.

    Unlike stitched seams, welded seams are not subject to degradation from exposure to bleach, caustics, acids, or other harsh environmental exposure likely to take place during regeneration of filter media. Caution should be excercised, however, to avoid overfilling or over-packing as welded seams can be forced to separate by excessive pulling forces.
  • <B>Seachem AquaVitro - Activate</B> (350 ml)
    activate™ is a concentrated (6,000 mg/L P) phosphorus source. When used as directed, activate™ will enhance and accelerate the growth of aquatic plants without enhancing algae growth. For maximum benefit, use with synthesis™.
  • <B>Seachem AquaVitro - Carbonate</B> (350ml)
    Carbonate hardness, (KH), is a measure of the bicarbonate & carbonate content of the water. Carbonate hardness contributes to pH stability and can also act as a CO2 backup reserve if CO2 levels fall too low.
  • <B>Seachem AquaVitro - Premier</B> (350 ml)
    premier™ is a conditioner specifically designed for the planted aquarium. It removes chlorine and chloramines while adding potassium. premier™ is non-acidic and will not impact pH. Use at start-up and whenever adding or replacing water.
  • <B>Seachem Clarity</B> (250ml)
    Clarity is the ultimate clarifier for both fresh and saltwater.
  • <B>Seachem Cupramine</B>
    Effectively eradicates Oodinium, Cryptocaryon, Amyloodinium, Ichthyophthirius, and other ectoparasites of both freshwater and marine fish. Removable with carbon

    Available in:
    100 ml - AED 50.50
    250ml - AED 99.75
    500ml - AED 194.25
  • <B>Seachem Flourish - Excel</B>
    Flourish Excel is a source of bioavailable organic carbon.

    Available in:
    250ml - AED 39
    500ml - AED 62
  • <B>Seachem Flourish - Tabs</B>
    Flourish Tabs™ are growth stimulating tablets for plant roots

    Available in:
    10 Tabs - AED 49
    40 Tabs - AED 145
  • <B>Seachem Garlic Guard</B>
    GarlicGuard™ is an appetite/flavor enhancer for freshwater and saltwater fish. GarlicGuard™ will help renew the interest of poor or finicky eaters.

    GarlicGuard™ contains naturally derived garlic oil. GarlicGuard™ also contains Vitamin C. For use in both freshwater and marine. GarlicGuard™ is reef safe.

    250ml - AED 38
    500ml - AED 58
  • <B>Seachem Kona Coast - Aragonite</B> (9kg)
    Kona Coast™ is an all natural aragonite substrate for all types of marine, reef and tropical aquaria.
  • <B>Seachem Liquid Marine Buffer</B> (250ml)
    Liquid Marine Buffer safely raises marine pH to 8.3. Will not raise pH above 8.3 even if inadvertently overdosed
  • <B>Seachem Marine Buffer Powder</B>
    Marine Buffer™ will safely raise marine pH to 8.3. It will not raise pH above 8.3 even if inadvertently overdosed. Marine Buffer™ is
    a blended product and is not just sodium bicarbonate or sodium carbonate, commonly sold as a substitute.

    Such products can raise pH to dangerous levels if not used properly.
    Marine Buffer™ contains sodium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, and potassium salts of carbonate, bicarbonate, chloride, sulfate, and borate.

    Available In:
    50g - AED 20
    250g - AED 39
    500g - AED 67
  • <B>Seachem Meridian - Aragonite</B> (9kg)
    Meridian™is an all natural oolitic (spherical or egg shaped) aragonite substrate for all reef and marine aquaria. Meridian™ is the premium aragonite substrate for the reef aquaria.
  • <B>Seachem ParaGuard </B>
    ParaGuard™ is the only fish and filter safe aldehyde based (10% by weight) parasite control product available.

    Available In:
    100ml - AED 36.75
    500ml - AED 83
    2liter - AED 288.75
  • <B>Seachem Reef Advantage Magnesium</B>
    Reef Advantage Magnesium™ is a concentrated (80,000 ppm) optimized blend of magnesium, chloride, and sulfate salts
    designed to restore depleted levels of magnesium with minimal impact to the ionic ratios found in natural sea water.

    Available In:
    300g - AED 34.75
    600g - AED 59
  • <B>Seachem Reef Buffer</B>
    Competing products are not designed specifically for the reef environment; the pK is too low (in most cases, pK 8.3). At this pK, the proper pH can never be reached in saltwater.
    Reef Buffer's™ higher pK (8.6) allows for greater pH stability in a reef system where the bioload is significantly more than in a fish only system.

    Available in:
    50g - AED 20
    250g - AED 39
  • <B>Seachem Reef Calcium</B> (250ml)
    Concentrated bioavailable polygluconate complexed calcium (50,000 mg/L) intended to maintain calcium in the reef aquarium without altering pH
  • <B>Seachem Reef Complete</B>
    Reef Complete® is a concentrated (160,000 mg/L) optimized blend of ionic calcium designed to restore and maintain calcium to levels found in natural seawater without affecting pH. Calcium and carbonates are essential to all coral growth. If either becomes deficient, coral growth will cease, followed by a rapid decline in coral health. To prevent this you must provide calcium (Reef Complete®) and carbonates (Reef Builder™ or Reef Carbonate™).

    Reef Complete® also includes magnesium and strontium in amounts proportionate to typical utilization ratios (100:5:0.1, Ca:Mg:Sr). This allows one to maintain these two important elements while maintaining calcium.

    Available in:
    100ml - AED 29.50
    250ml - AED 41
  • <B>Seachem Reef Dip</B> (250ml)
    Contains elemental iodine complexed to a protective slime coat for safely and gently disinfecting corals. Effective against bacteria, fungus, and protozoans
  • <B>Seachem Reef Iodide</B> (250ml)
    Concentrated stabilized potassium iodide source for reef aquaria to restore and maintain iodide levels to those found in natural sea water
  • <B>Seachem Reef Phytoplankton</B>
    Reef Phytoplankton™ is enhanced to increase the bioavailability of important nutrients such as proteins, lipids, B vitamins, and other organic pigments, thus, corals expend less energy to derive the nutritional benefit.

    Available In:
    250ml - AED 47
    500ml - AED 84
  • <B>Seachem Reef Plus</B>
    Full spectrum reef supplement containing trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids demonstrated to have a positive impact on the growth of corals and other desirable reef creatures.

    Comes in:
    250ml - AED 40
    500ml - AEd 62
  • <B>Seachem Reef Salt</B>
    Reef Salt™ is a chemically sound blend of salts designed to replicate natural reef waters. It is specifically formulated for the reef environment and will provide ideal seawater concentrations of magnesium, calcium, and strontium with proper alkalinity and pH for closed reef aquarium systems.

    Available In:
    189 Liter - AED 120
    600 Liter - AED 380
  • <B>Seachem Reef Trace</B>
    Supplies a broad range of trace elements demonstrated to be necessary for proper reef health and growth

    Available In:
  • <B>Seachem Reef Zooplankton</B>
    Reef Zooplankton™ is enhanced to increase the bioavailability of important nutrients such as proteins, lipids, B vitamins, and other organic pigments, thus, corals expend less energy to derive the nutritional benefit.
  • <B>Seachem Stability</B>
    Stability will rapidly and safely establish the aquarium biofilter in freshwater and marine systems, thereby preventing the 1st cause of fish death : new tank syndrome.

    Comes in:
    100ml - AED 24.25
    250ml - AED 49.50
    500ml - AED 93.50
    2Liter - AED 309.75
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