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Seachem - Aquavitro Shrimp pHb (150ml)

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Product no.: 100-510-171
Aquavitro Shrimp pHb is one part of a two-part system which aids in replicating the water chemistry found in the native habitats of freshwater shrimp by buffering water to the natural pH for each specific type of shrimp. Used according to directions, shrimp pHb maintains the proper pH parameters of freshwater shrimp while also softening water and supporting growth of plants in shrimp aquaria. shrimp pHb is made from a unique buffer system that is extremely stable and does not add sodium, which can damage plants in the aquarium.

Aquavitro Shrimp pHb is use when setting up an aquarium and when making water changes. Use with shrimp pHa to target a pH.
Product Features:
- Raises pH
- Two-part system for targeting pH in freshwater shrimp aquarium.

Directions for use:
- All doses given are for 20L (5 US gallons).
- Doses can be safely doubled if needed.
- In cases of sensitive shrimp or to avoid the risk of any pH shock, consider breaking dosing up over a 12 -24 hour period.
- To simply raise the pH in established aquaria: Add 2.5mL (½ tsp) of shrimp pHb per 20L (5 US gallons) every 12 hours until you achieve your target pH.

*Note - Do not exceed this dose. Rapid pH changes can be very detrimental to shrimp. Some aquariums may require repeated dosing to overcome the buffering capacity of certain substrates and decorations. This is particularly the case with humate based soils.
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