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Seachem Fish Food

  • <B>Seachem Garlic Guard</B>
    GarlicGuard™ is an appetite/flavor enhancer for freshwater and saltwater fish. GarlicGuard™ will help renew the interest of poor or finicky eaters.

    GarlicGuard™ contains naturally derived garlic oil. GarlicGuard™ also contains Vitamin C. For use in both freshwater and marine. GarlicGuard™ is reef safe.

    250ml - AED 38
    500ml - AED 58
  • <B>Seachem NutriDiet Betta </B> (30g)
    Contains a broad spectrum of all the important components needed in a Betta’s diet: protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.I
  • <B>Seachem NutriDiet Marine Plus Flakes</B> (30g)
    Balanced diet formulated to meet the requirements of all marine fish. It contains only the highest quality ingredients including fish, plankton, and shrimp.
    It has been fortified to contain a broad spectrum of all the important components needed in a marine fish diet.
  • <B>Seachem NutriDiet Tropical Flakes</B> (30g)
    Formulated to meet the requirements of all tropical freshwater community fish.
  • <B>Seachem Vitality</B> (250ml)
    Comprehensive vitamin, amino acid, and trace element supplement developed to address nutritional requirements commonly associated with long term closed system housing of marine ornamental fish.
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