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  • SmartyKat® Dazzle Dancer™ - Disco Unicorn with Felt Cat Toy
    The SmartyKat Dazzle Dancer Disco Unicorn Cat Toy is made from durable polyester. This plush unicorn toy is made of felt material and 100% filled with catnip to entice your cats to play. Show your furry friend a magical time with this toy and they will surely love to bat, swat and stalk this mythological creature. Keep them occupied and provide her with plenty of exercise with the SmartyKat Dazzle Dancer Disco Unicorn Cat Toy.
  • SmartyKat® Soarin' Sisal™ - Sisal Ball & Sisal Dart
    This package contains 2 piece feather and ribbon sisal toy for your kitty cats. Very suitable for multi cat household, also perfect for cats who love to bat and chase. Your cat will surely love the texture of this sisal toy.
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