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Soft Carrier


Please note at only few of the soft carriers are suitable for airline travels. Please read more about the individual carriers under the images - there you will find information regarding size and if they are suitable for air travel.
  • EBI - Pink Backpack "Maria" By Crazy Paws (Medium)
    A handy back bag to carry small animals. You put the bag on your shoulders and you have both hands free. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable and can be secured by a snap closure.

    The carrying case made of polyester. This case provides the ideal solution for transport during cycling, walking, towards friends, holidays or to the vet. .
  •  <B>Trixie - Black/Grey Large Pet Trolley</B> (Up to 21kilo)
    Ideal for small to medium sizes dogs that you don't want to lift in to the pet stroller. Can also be used as transport box or carrier due to removable undercarriage

    Note: For pets up to 21 kg

    Size: 34 x 43 x 67 cm
    AED575.00 488.75
  •  <B>Trixie - Black/Grey Pet Trolley</B> (Up to 8kg)
    Easy on the go - with compartments for keeping drinking bottle, treats etc. Can also be used as a backpack due to softly padded, fully adjustable shoulder straps.

    Note: For pets up to 8 kg

    Measurements: 32 × 45 × 25 cm
    AED239.00 203.15
  • <B>Trixie - Adrina Carrier</B> (up to 7kg)
    A stylish and very easy to use pet carrier for your little pet to carry around.
    AED159.00 127.20
  • <B>Trixie - Holly Carrier</B> (Max. 15kg)
    Travel bed and carrier in one. With net inserts for good air circulation and can be opened at the front and side.

    Size: 30 x 30 x 50 cm

    Note: Insert is washable by hand

    AED310.00 248.00
  • <B>Trixie - Kilian Carrier</B> (Up to 6kg)
    Well-ventilated carrier for small cat, dogs and small pets for traveling. Accepted by some airlines as carry-on bag, please check with YOUR airline company.

    AED210.00 168.00
  • Trixie - Alea Carrier (Pink/Grey)
    This modern design dog bag is especially designed for small dogs. The Alea Carrier from Trixie has air-permeable mesh at the top that forms the openings so that you can easily place your pet inside. The bag has storage compartment at the front and has an attached short leash for your dogs safety.
    AED95.00 76.00
  • Trixie - Alina Carrier (27×27×52cm)
    A tunnel-type transport bag bag for dogs and cats weighing up to 6 kg.
  • Trixie - Joe Carrier (Brown)
    AED238.00 190.40
  • Trixie - Riva Carrier Silver (26×30×45cm)
    Travel bag for dogs or cats.Consist of two pockets on the outside for small accessories. A strap is sewn inside the bag to attach the collar or harness.

    AED108.00 86.40
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