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Soft Rubber/TPR Toys

  • <B>Trixie - Flashing Hedgehog Ball</B> (ø 5 cm)
    Activated by bouncing off the floor, will light up for approx. 50 hours. Small hedgehog ball suitable for small breeds. Assorted colors.

  • <B>Trixie - Flashing Thermoplastic Ball</B> (5.5cm)
    Ball that will light up for approx. 50 hours. Activated by bouncing off the floor, lawn or similar. Floatable.

    Comes in:
    5.5cm - AED 35
    7cm - AED 65

  • <B>Trixie - Thermoplastic Denta Fun Ball</B> (6cm)
    Floatable ball intended for tossing/chasing and massages the gums.

    Product features:
    - Thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
    - Massages the gums
    - Robust and durable

    Note: NOT a chew toy. Do not leave unattended with your dog.
  • <B>Trixie - Thermoplastic Dumbbell</B> (12cm)
    Can be filled with treats. Bright rubber toy in classic design with rugged surface.

    Note: NOT a chew toy. Do not leave unattended with your dog.
  • <B>Thunder Paws - Bouncy Ball</B>
    Small heavy (71gram) ball ideal for small mouths, that like to play fetch. Diameter 5cm.

    Suitable for toy and small breeds. Please insure the ball is not so small that the dog might be able to swallow the ball while playing.

  • <B>Thunder Paws - Candy Toy</B>
    Helps your dog keep his teeth clean while he plays.

    12cm long, suitable for small to medium sizes dogs.
  • <B>Thunder Paws - Dental Gauntlet</B>
    Short stick with spiky rings. The spike rings help remove debris and massage the gums for better oral health. 7cm long.

    Suitable for small breeds. Please monitor your pet while playing, as the spike rings can come off if the dog is persistent.
  • <B>Thunder Paws - Dental Ring</B>
    Colorful ring with spikes. Suitable for small to medium dogs in light TPR material.
  • <B>Thunder Paws - Puppy Keys</B>
    Cute key set for the little one! TPR ring with attached toys. Ideal for small breeds and toy breeds.
  • <B>Thunder Paws - Ring & Rope Toy</B>
    Cotton rope with TPR ring. Ideal toy that can keep small to medium dogs and puppies going for long time.
  • <B>Thunder Paws - Spike Ball</B>
    Small call with spikes and cute dog face. The hollow design with large opening also allows for stuffing with treats or food for added fun.

    Please ensure ball is too big for your dog to swallow when playing.
  • <B>Thunder Paws - Toy Meat Bone</B>
    TPR dog toy shaped as a drumstick with different material appearance. A hard and a soft part and soft part with spikes.

    Ideal for small to medium breeds with a length of 12.5cm and weight of approx. 100grams.
  • <B>EBI - Coockoo Dog Toy Bubble</B> (Purple)
    Funky odd shape rubber toy for dogs.
  • <B>EBI - Latex Shoot Me Dog Toy Rooster</B> (Small)
    EBI's Shoot Me Dog Toy is made of Vinyl and Latex that creates a squeaky sound which adds entertainment to your dog's leisure. The squeaks and sounds coming from these toys will surely encourage your pooch's hunting instinct. Squeaky toys like this massage the gums of your pet at the same time promotes better dental health for your beloved dog's. It's sturdiness ensures long lasting fun for your dogs.
  • <B>EBI - Rubber Bone White With Vanilla Flavour</B>
    The EBI Rubber Bone toy is made of soft, durable and flexible rubber that has a vanilla flavor that retains for a long period of time thus giving your dog a sense of entertainment for hours.
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