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Stones & Rocks


When it comes to decorating your aquarium, you can do pretty much anything you want! While some people prefer to use novelty decor items in their tank, many individuals love the natural look of rocks and stones! Rocks and stones help to provide a more authentic look and often gives fish a habitat similar to their one!
  • <B>AkvaStabil - Carved Lava Rock with 2 holes</B>
    Carved Lava with 2 holes for your aquarium.
  • <B>AkvaStabil - Cavity Rock</B> (per kilo)
    Asian cavity rock in pieces approximately 10-60cm in size. Sand blasted to give smooth edges. Sold by the kilo

    Pieces can range in weight from 1kg to 20+kg
  • <B>AkvaStabil - Rosy Cloud Stone</B> (per kilo)
    Great colourful rock that can enhance the aquarium. Can be used in any fresh water aquarium. Approximately 10-20cm.

    Please note that pieces can range in weight from 1kg to 10+kg
  • <B>AkvaStabil - Shale Rock </B>- 10-20cm (per kilo)
    Sold by the kilo - Stunning aquarium rocks, ideal for tropical aquaria and aquascaping especially ADA style aquariums

    Pieces vary in size and weight and are sold by the kilo
  • <B>Akvastabil Lime Rock</B> (per kilo)
    Lime rock pieces ranging in size from 5-20cm sold by the kilo.
  • AkvaStabil - Carved Lava Rock with 1 Hole
    Carved Lava with 1 hole for your aquarium.
  • <B>AkvaStabil - Orbit-Red/Black 0-0.5mm</B> (20kg)
    AkvaStabil have for more than 4 decades produced and sold anything within aquariums, aquarium light and accessories worldwide. Akvastabil are exporting to more then 40 countries, and are known for nordic design and quality.

    Size: 0-0.5mm
  • <B>Aqua D'Ella - Chalkstone</B> (Medium)
    Aqua D'Ella Chalkstone is made of white polyester resin that is perfectly lovely for any kind of aquarium.
  • Aqua Medic - Aqua Grid
    The Aqua Grid from Aqua Medic can be use in many applications in the aquarium itself or within a sump/filter system. It's a versatile plastic grid plug in system, that can be an excellent base for aqua scaping or for your live rock. It can be used on the base of the aquarium, in the filtration systems or for displaying corals on your aquarium.
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