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  • <B>Lafeber - Avi-Era Bird Vitamins</B> (35g)
    Concentrated, powdered vitamin formula that mixes easily with water or food, and it contains all 13 essential vitamins to fight sickness and stress. Includes measuring spoon.
  • <B>Beaphar - Vitamin B Supplement "Coat&Skin"</B> (50ml)
    Nutritional vitamin supplement with vitamin B for animals.

    How to use: Mix through food or drinking water.
  • <B>Beaphar Multi-Vit Parrots</B> (20ml)
    Vitamin concentrate for medium to large parrots.
  • <B>Hagen Living World Mineral Block</B> (Small)
    Living World Mineral Block is a complementary pet food for all birds. Mineral Block contains minerals that birds find in their natural surroundings. It provides a source of extra calcium and minerals required for healthy egg formation and feeding parents.

    It supplements calcium for strong bones and feather formation while making available a number of other minerals often deficient in seeded diets. It also keeps beaks trim and sharp.
  • <B>Padovan - Vita-E</B> (30ml)
    Promotes the instinct for reproduction and fertility, making them useful in the preparation of the birds mating season.
  • <B>Trixie - Natural Cuttlebone</B> (12cm)
    Cuttlefish bone serves as a source of calcium, which is lacking in seed. It also provides your bird with a hard surface to gnaw on, which should help to prevent his bill from becoming overgrown.
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