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Supplements For Small Animals

  • Trixie - Himalaya Salt Lick For Small Animals (60g)
    Hanging salt rock for small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits and chinchillas.
  • Beaphar - Vitamin B Supplement "Coat&Skin" (50ml)
    Nutritional vitamin supplement with vitamin B for animals.

    How to use: Mix through food or drinking water.
  • Exotic Nutrition - Glider Booster (2oz)
    Exotic Nutrition's Glider Booster ensures that your sugar glider is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. Feeding a balanced diet is a priority for good health and wellbeing, vitamin supplements can help fill any nutritional voids.
  • Exotic Nutrition - Glider-Cal (3.5oz)
    Exotic Nutrition's Glider-Cal Calcium Supplement is designed specifically for Sugar Gliders of various ages. Sugar glider's diet of fruits and vegetables contains inverse amounts of phosphorous to calcium. High phosphorus extracts calcium from their bones, making the bones brittle. Calcium deficiency will make your glider sick, then will cause hind leg paralysis. Hind leg paralysis can be very common in gliders who do not have a calcium supplement like Glider-Cal.

  • Exotic Nutrition - Healthy Hibiscus Flowers (26g)
    Healthy Hibiscus Flowers from the Hibiscus plant.

    Flowers are a tasty and healthy supplementary food because they have a low energy content, but contain plenty of fiber which makes them the ideal treat for the pet. Dried flowers are a favorite food of herbivores like Degus, Prairie Dogs, Chinchillas, Squirrels, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and other herbivores. These animal feed on grasses, flowers, seeds, bark, and roots in the wild.
  • Exotic Nutrition - Hedgehog Booster (2oz)
    Exotic Nutrition's Hedgehog Booster ensures that your hedgehog is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive. Feeding a balanced diet is a priority for good health and wellbeing, and vitamin supplements can help fill any nutritional voids.
  • Exotic Nutrition - HPW Sugar Glider Food Original (12oz)
    HPW is a vitamin-enriched, sugar glider diet with a soft, pudding-texture. This diet includes all the major ingredients from the original High Protein Wombaroo diet that is trusted and fed to sugar gliders worldwide. Sugar gliders love the vanilla bean flavoring and ingredients including honey, eggs, bee pollen and ZooPro high protein supplement. Amazingly simple, ready-to-serve out of the jar; no more spending mass amounts of money or time feeding your glider. HPW can be served fresh or frozen into individual servings using ice trays.
  • Trixie - Dried Mealworms (200g)
    The Trixie Dried Mealworms is a natural snack for hamsters, rats, gerbils, birds and reptiles. It's rich in animal proteins.

    This treat is suitable for omnivore rodents, birds and reptiles. The mealworms have been dried in an animal-friendly manner and are completely natural. Offer them as a snack or reward to your animal, or mix them in the food for enrichment in the meal.
  • Trixie - Fruit Paste for reptiles (100 g)
    Product Features:
    - compound food as supplementary food
    - for fruit- and nectar-eating reptiles and invertebrates
    - optimal for a varied diet
  • Trixie Small Animal Grass (100g)
    Grow your own cereal seed with a special mix of oats, wheat and barley that gives small animals the indispensable green
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