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T8 tubes

  • <B>JBL Solar Marin Day T8 - 895mm</B> (30w)
    Daylight tube for marine aquariums. Especially suitable for reef aquariums with corals and other invertebrates. Cold white spectrum with color temperature of 15,000 K.
  • <B>JBL Solar Natur T8 Ultra</B> (58W)
    Size 1500 mm
    Daylight full-spectrum tube for freshwater aquaria
  • <B>Juwel T8 Colour-Lite Tube</B> (38W)
    The JUWEL Colour-Lite creates a stimulating red light in your aquarium. The specific Colour-Lite spectrum is perfect for highlighting the many red and blue tones of your fish and plants.

    - Perfectly highlights red and blue tones
    - Ideal for use in conjunction with JUWEL Day-Lite
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