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Thermo- & Hygrometers

  • <B>Hobby Biotherm Eco Terra Thermostat</B>
    Thermostat for terraria. Maintains the correct temperature and protects from dangerous temperature fluctuations! Control accuracy +/-0,2° C.
    AED325.50 166.01
  • <B>Hobby Biotherm Professional</B>
    Thermostats are a MUST when it comes to reptile heating equipment. A thermostat can make all the difference between life and death.
  • <B>Hobby Hygrometer</B>
    Hygrometer to monitor terrarium Humidity levels

  • <B>Hobby Thermometer</B>
    Thermometer to monitor terrarium Temperature
  • <B>Trixie - Thermo/Hygrometer Analog</B>
    Analog Hygro- and Thermometer to monitor terrarium temperature and humidity. Easy to mount due to sticker on the rear
  • <B>Trixie Digital Thermostat/Hygrostat</B>
    Trixie Digital Thermostat/Hygrostat with three circuits for daytime and night-time operation,
    with two temperature-controlled connections as well as one connection with timer ideal for use with heat lamps, heating mats and other heat sources in order to prevent overheating or hypothermia.
    AED415.00 211.65
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