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Thrive Wet Cat Food


After intensive research - Thrive have optimised the way they make wet cat food and are very proud of their new and improved range.
Thrive have increased their meat or fish content even further as well as the optimal level of vital hydration, without changing the overall moisture content. 
Each variety of Thrive complete is a delicious as ever and you can now also assured that your pet is getting all the hydration that cats need.

  • <B>Thrive Complete Cat Wet Food - Chicken Breast</B> (75g)
    Chicken breast as only protein source. Complete diet formula that can be feed at alone or mixed with a high quality dry formula. Chicken breast cooked in a chicken broth with added vitamins and minerals to give your cat a complete nutritionally balanced meal - 100% Chicken Breast - truly made from pure chicken breast!!

  • <B>Thrive Complete Chicken Breast & Turkey</B> (75g)
    Nothing but chicken, chicken stock and Turkey - added vitamin and minerals to make it a complete meal for your fuzzy feline.
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