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TMC Lighting system


The TMC lighting system is the ultimate in LED lighting. Whether you are an amateur aquarium owner or a seasoned veteran that wants to save on energy comsumption, look no further! We stock TMC LED lighting systems, USBs and controllers.
  • <B>TMC - AquaBeam 600 Ultima Strip Reef White</B> (Single)
    A single LED strip that includes eight high output Reef White LEDs. It includes four Ocean White LEDs and four Reef Blue LEDs.

    This lighting strip benefits from a re-engineered housing that has been sealed with a single rubber gasket to make it safe for use near water. It also has a wide angled beam and high light output to provide the maximum amount of light and penetrate through the water of deeper aquariums. The stainless steel threaded inserts make direct mounting inside the aquarium hood very straight-forward.
  • <B>TMC - AquaRay MultiControl 8</B>
    This is an eight output controller with its own dedicated power supply and 'Storm Function'. Six of the outputs are controlled completely independently of the other two, enabling separate channels for the daylight and moonlight.
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