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Let's face it - we are not always available to play with our dogs. At the same time none of us wants our furry friends to be bored at home. We believe a good reason to get your puppy (or even a fully-grown adult dog) a great dog toy your doggy can use to entertain itself while you are away. However, dog toys shouldn't be used only when you are not present. It is a great bonding experience between your dogs and you. Having a dog toy that your best firend associates you with is an experience that will guarantee its loyalty and love over the years. Dog toys are also a vital part of your dog's wellbeing. Some of the more interactive and engaging dog toys guarantee your dog will stay happy and healthy throught the day. Try a few dog toys and see which one your pet loves the most. You are welcome to explore our dog toys selection here: 

Dog Toys Will Help Your Puppy Stay Occupied

Here you can expect to find dog toys that will both stimulate your dog's mind, and keep them engaged throughout the day. Keeping your dog occupies with some dog toys also means they will have less time, energy, and interest into playing with some of the things they are not supposed to - shoes, furniture, paper, etc.

Wide Selection of Dog Toys

We at DubaiPetFood care about your dog's playing activities. We strive to help you keep your dog entertained at all times. For that reason, we have gathered a large selection of various dog toys for all sizes, ages, and activity levels of your pets. We provide soft dog toys, tough and durable dog toys, dog chew toys, rubber dog toys, challenging dog toys, dog fetch toys, and much more.

Shop our wide selection of dog toys. We offer:

Noisy Dog Toys

We have stocked a large portion of Danish Design Noisy Dog Toys. Our danish design noisy dog toys represent the best design and utility, and also offer you the best quality products. Here you can find a large variety of noisy dog toys, most of which are animal dog toys. These toys are a perfect match for when trying to connect with your pet and strengthen your bond. It is important to note that most of these toys are not for chewing so supervising your dog when playing with it is a good idea. Your pet will love our plush noisy dog toys that can create different entertaining sounds. We also provide noisy dog toys for different sizes dogs - small, medium or large dog breeds.

Floating Dog Toys

Our selection of floating dog toys allows you to have a fun time with your dogs and enjoy the sun and water together. Here you can find eco fetch dog toys, unique and durable waterproof dog toys, water dog toys, rubber dog toys, floating toys for sensitive dogs, gum massaging dog toys, and more.

Throw & Fetch Dog Toys

We have multiple types of different fetch dog toys. You can get the best dog toys for the game your pet loves the most. You can shop some of our great products which include entertaining rubber fetch balls that dispose treats, nerf gun tennis balls, dog ball launcher, super durable dog fetch balls, and many, many more.

Ropes & Rings Dog Toys

If you love playing tug games with your dog, you might want to pick a proper, durable, and safe ring or rope dog toy. You have come to the right place to find just what you are looking for. We stock many rings and ropes dog toys, some of which are animal dog toys, ball on a rope type dog toys, ring on a rope type dog toys, discs toys for dogs, and more.

Dental & Chew Dog Toys

Helping your dogs relieve the itchy feeling their teeth cause them is something you can do with dental and dog chew toys. Because we believe this is something evey dog should enjoy, we've made it easy for you to shop such items. You are welcome to try a few dog chew toys and see which one will suit your pet best. Our selection includes flavoured dog chew toys, stuffable cones dog chew toys, fun shaped dog chew toys, dog bone toys, dental ball with rope toys, and more.

Challenging Dog Toys

Keeping your dog entertained is not always easy. For that reason, we are here to help. We stocked the best challenging dog toys to keep your furry family member engaged. We have interractive dog toys, dog maze toys, dog maze bowls, buster food cube in different sizes and types, dog activity flip boards, dog activity snack rolls, and many more.

Eco Dog Toys

We believe your dogs should get only the best. After all, you would also enjoy spending more time with your best friend. This is why we think everyone should use eco dog toys to keep their dog not only engaged, but also healthy and happy throughout the years. Our eco dog toys selection containts every dog toy you need. We have eco quacker dog toys, eco tosser for dogs, eco pet buddy toys, eco dog bone toys, eco fetchers for dogs, and others.

Dog Toys by Size

This section is made for your comfort. Here you can find all dog toys separated into small, medium, or large dog categories. 

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