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Training Aid


Training your dog can be a hugely rewarding experience, but it is often a complicated one too. This range of dog training aids has everything you need to help you both along the way!
  • EBI - Clicker Dog Training Aid
    This clicker button guarantees consistent sound and is easy to use. Basis training too that will get you far if used correct and consistently. Perfect for new pup and dog owners!
  • Trixie - Magnetic Rattle Tin (22cm)
    This Trixie Magnetic Rattle Tin, is a must have when you're training your dog, especially when treating behavioral problem. The sound of a rattling tin is distinct from the everyday sound your dog hears and would help you get their attention. This is very useful when you want your dog to come back to you even when he is distracted and does not fully concentrate on you. It will also help with giving commands such as, sitting down or staying still. Just be sure to reward your dog and praise him for each section of the exercise.
  • Trixie - Dog Activity Basic Clicker
    Activity Clicker for effective training of Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Birds

    Product features:
    - Adjustable clicker tone
    - Consistent sound
    - Effective training due to the special sound signal
    - Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits and birds
    - With nylon cord
    - Incl. booklet with tips and tricks for designing optimal training
  • Trixie - Dog Activity Finger Clicker
    Dog activity finger-clicker with clicker button with consistent sound. Effective training due to the special sound signal. Always at hand due to finger attachment. Turnable loop allows individual handling. Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.
  • Simple Solution - Chew Stopper
    With a strong, bitter flavor that can be applied to any item that is likely to be chewed or damaged by repeated chewing or gnawing from your furry friend.

    Size: 500 ml
  • Trixie - Dog Activity Soft Clicker
    Clicker with hushed sound for training and play time with your pets

  • <B>Trixie - Wooden Rounded Retrieving Dumbbell</B>
    Wooden retrieving dumbbell for training purpose.

    Comes in:
    Small - AED 17
    Medium - AED 25
    Large - AED 40
  • <B>Trixie - Wooden Rounded Retrieving Dumbbell</B> (250g)
    Wooden retrieving dumbbell for training purpose.
  • Beaphar - Indoor Behavior Spray for Dogs (125ml)
    Beaphar Indoor Behavior Spray for dogs is a training aid to assist you in training your dog to stop unwanted scratching/gnawing. These kind of behavior issues can have multiple root causes, so it is important to find out why your dog behaves this way and treat it as well as correcting the behavior itself.

    For use on objects and/or areas that require some protection from your dog , spray from about 15-20cms away. This is a training aid, not a repellent. Can be reapplied to problem areas after 2 days. Never use this on the animal.

    May cause staining - always test on an inconspicuous areas first.
  • Trixie - Chew Stop Spray (175ml)
    Protects items from dogs who like chewing.

    Size: 175 ml
  • Trixie - Chew Stopper Eucalyptus Spray (500ml)
    This chew stopper spray from Trixie is a completely natural, eucalyptus-based anti-gnawing spray developed to protect objects and furniture that dogs have menstruated from gnawing and biting. It has a pleasant fragrance and can be used to prevent the dog from gnawing and biting indoors or outdoors. It has no harm to the dog's health. Only when the dog gnaws, licks or bites that area will get an unpleasant taste, so he will give up this bad habit.

    Shake well before use.
  • Trixie - Dog Activity Target Stick (14–65cm)
    Trixie Dog Activity Target Stick with integrated clicker is an educational aid for training your dog. Suitable for any age and breed of your dog. Very perfect for puppy's or young animals, they can learn to perform different exercises. Can also be used for cats, birds and small animals (like rabbits, guinea pigs, rats,etc).
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