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Travel Accessories

Dog travel accessories are an essential part of your and your dog's journey. When buying a kennel or a backpack, don't forget that dogs aren't just looking for a shelter but rather a safe place where they can feel like home. Providing your dog with comfort is the first step to getting there, and that can be achieved by tailoring the products you buy for her specific needs. Because a dog's needs differ from breed to breed and even on a individual level, you can try multiple products and see which one works best for your furry friend.


Wide range of products

We stock IATA approved kennels, cheap kennels for everyday use, dog strollers, dog car ramps, dog crates for cars and home, and all the accessories you need to ship your pet. You are always welcome to contact us here or to come and visit us in our store if you need some help with products.

Best brands

The range covers Petmate Varikennels and Skykennel, SKUDO crates, Rosewoods PetGear stroller, Flamingo dog car ramp, Savic Dog Residence Mobile and more.

Look at our dog travel accessories here:

Soft Dog Carriers

Who said you should only travel in the summer? And who said you should go without your four-legged family members? We've collected some of the best soft dog carriers for travelling so you can have a sweet journey with your dog. It is entirely up to you to choose whether you are flying or going on the road, your furry friends will always be with you. We stock various rigid country bags, colored dog backpacks for carrying, 3-options backpacks for carrying, stylish dog carriers, 2 in 1 pet carriers, well-ventilated carriers for small pets, beautiful soft dog carriers, lightweight dog carrier, polyester dog carrier, different types of voyager dog carriers, lightweight carriers for small dogs, pet carrying backpacks, and more.

IATA Approved Dog Kennels

Why leave your dog in a shelter for the time of your trip when you can take it with you? We provide italian quality kennels with lock systems for small dogs, different types of IATA approved kennels with security and anti-tamper locks, and more.

Other Dog Transport Products

Dog strollers are seriously overlook, however, they can come in handy in the right situation. Such an occasion could be when you are transporting puppies and do not want them to run around. Also, although unfortunate, your puppy might get ill or injured, and in that case you could transport them with ease, making sure they are safe and taken care of. For that, we've stocked various pet strollers and dog travel gear, such as safety car booster seat for dogs, wheeled dog carrier, easy mobile kennel for pets, and different dog strollers.

Dog Car Accessories

If you often get to travel, having dog accessories becomes a neccessity. This is especially true because many dogs enjoy going for a ride with their owners. For that reason, we've found the best dog car accessories and stocked them for you. Here you can find dog telescopic ramp, different sizes of car boot covers, safety car grids, car harnesses loop leads for dogs, dog seatbelts, car divider for dog safety, seats and carriers for cars, various sizes of cover for seats, car trunk dog beds, comfortable harness for dogs, mobile kennels for pets, different dog ventilation lattices, air fresheners, and more.

Dog Carriers

A good dog carrier is not something only used to transport your dog. It is an object that takes the role of a dog's home. There your pet will feel safe and guarded, and it will know clearly what to relate to when it wants to rest and have personal freedom. That, and many other uses of dog carriers, is why we've selected the best dog carriers. Here you will find various types, sizes, and colors hard-shell dog carriers, premium bags for small dogs, and more.

Dog Footwear

Going to a new place might not always go as expected - i.e. the weather could get really weird. This makes things hard for your puppy as well, especially when they don't have their tiny feet protected from the hot sun or cold snow. You can avoid all these problems by having dog shoes. We have dog socks in different colors, protective dog boots for active animals, comfortable protective dog boots, single protection dog boot, and more.

Kennel Accessories

When you're expecting a long journey or just want to make your pet feel comfortable you can get additional dog kennel accessories. This will make the kennel more attractive to your dog which will help her feel her kennel like a home. Here we offer steel dog bowls, dog travel wheel casters, dog water bottles, polyester insert for carpi carriers, dog steel bowl with wingnut attachments, dog water bottle with holder, removable dog bowl, colored fabric absorbent dog pads, different sizes drinking dog bottles.

Dog Backpacks

If you are feeling adventurous but also want to spend time with your dog, look no further. With our dog backpacks you will be able to prepare the needed equipment for both you and your dog. Staying in good physical shape while engaged in activities is just as important as it is for you. For that reason we have the best dog backpacks to aid you on your journey. We stock trendy medium and large saddle bags , classic dog backpacks, canine on the trek backpacks, and more.

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