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Treats for Cats

Our range of cat treats contains both baked treats, functional, moist and grain-free treats. We stock brands like Natures Menu, Orijen, Armitage, Merrick, Trixie, Beaphar, Kit Cat, Thrive freeze dried treats. Because also cats need to be rewarded and spoiled.

Treats for cats

We sell a huge selection of cat treats. Our webshop provides every cat treats you need to keep your cat happy, satisfied and healthy. Our range contains catmalt, catnip, dry malt, dry fish and dry schrimp treats beside the regular baked treats, some even with additional functions like odor reducion, hairball aid, breath and dental control for cats. 

Catnip as treat for your cat

Of course, when talking about cat treats, we cannot go without mentioning catnip. What this plant does is it imitates "happy" pheromones that cats easily pick on which makes it one of the preffered treats. You are always welcome to try out a few of our cat supplies and treats and see what your cat loves more. The cat will rub it, roll over it, kick at it and generally go nuts for several minutes.

A natural behavior for all cats

It's natural for cats to be nibbling on grass. There is a great chance for you whom have an outdoor cat, that it's part of your cat's daily routine to be nibbling on grass. If you keep an indoor cat, you may want to consider growing you own cat grass at your home or buying some. We sell cat grass from Trixie, Karlie/Flamingo, Bergan and Vermont. 

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