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Trixie Natural Humus

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    Product no.: 130-577-098 MASTER
    Trixie Natural Humus Tropical Terrain Reptile Substrate is a special peat / sand mixture for humid and semi humid terrariums with no added fertilizer.
    An ideal ground substrate material for many reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and arachnids.

    Available In:
    5L AED 30
    10L AED 45
    20L AED 85
    The clay content in the mixture optimizes water retention helping to achieve the ideal humidity and atmosphere.
    This substrate is also an excellent medium for burrowing species and reptiles that require soil for egg laying and those that require to construct tunnels for egg laying sites.
    Natural Humus Tropical Terrain Substrate can be mixed with other Tropical Terrain Substrates in our range to create a larger and more diverse terrarium flooring.
    This substrates is also ideal to introduce Spring Tails and Tropical Wood lice making the complete Bio Active habitat.
    Product features:
  • special peat/sand mixture for humid and semi-humid terrariums
  • ideal ground material for many reptiles (e.g. Yemen chameleon, house gecko, green anole), arachnids and amphibians
  • the mixture of clay optimises water retention
  • ideal for animals that like to dig
  • suitable for egg deposition for many species of chameleons
  • no added fertilizer
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