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Trixie - Plastic Muzzle (31cm)

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Product no.: 130-011-089
Prevents your dog from biting and chewing while still allowing drinking and panting. Easy to adjust.

Fits from fox terriers, beagles, spaniels to Labradors and Rottweilers.
Sizes: Nose size in ( )
  • Small - 17 cm; fits breeds like Fox Terrier,
  • Medium - 20 cm; fits breeds like Border Collie, spaniels
  • Medium - 22 cm; fits breeds like Münsterländer, retrievers,
  • Large - 26 cm; fits large breeds like Rottweiler, GSD, retrievers
  • XL - 31cm xm: Fits Large breeds like German Shepherd, Newfoundland Dog

  • Trixie - Plastic Muzzle
    The Trixie Plastic Muzzle inhibits your dog from biting and chewing while still allowing drinking, panting, and vomiting.

    If you are unsure about how your dog may respond in potentially problematic situations such as when meeting new people or other animals, it is advisable to use a muzzle and a training lead to ensure safety.

    Plastic Muzzles are designed for short term use only and should not be used during hard exercise or be over tightened, as this could interfere with your dog’s natural cooling system and/or cause discomfort. If your dog is aggressive and unpredictable it is advisable to seek professional help and advice.

    Making sure you have the correct size is vital. Always try a muzzle on your dog to ensure the right size. A nylon muzzle should have a snug fit, but allow you to fit a finger in between the muzzle and your dogs skin. If your dog is prone to biting, always you have someone to help you so that you always remain safe when you are fitting a muzzle. Praise and reward your dog while the muzzle is on so that good associations are built up and so your dog does not start to avoid it.

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