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Trixie - Vital Cushion Best of all Breeds (100x70cm)

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Product no.: 130-349-022
Large sized memory mattress in suede look with plush on lying area. Specially recommended for older animals and those suffering from back and joint problems. Ideal bed for dogs with back and joint problems or for those dogs prone to develop back and joint problems later. e.g German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers.

Product features:
- Easy care polyester cover
- Lying area made of viscoelastic foam with memory effect
- Cushion moulds itself perfectly to support the pet's body
- Offers optimal distribution of pressure
- Always returns to its original shape after use
- Non-slip bottom

Cover is machine washable in 30 degrees, inlet is washable in hand.

Trixie - Vital Cushion Best of all Breeds
While larger breeds of canines are known to be prone to joint issues, some dogs that tend to be smaller have more joint issues than the average breed.
Canines that are part of the chondrodystrophoid group such as dachshunds, bulldogs and basset hounds, are genetically predisposed to joint and cartilage disorders. They may develop elbow incongruity, which happens when one leg bone stops growing.

In addition, smaller dogs are also more prone to a condition called patellar luxation. It is a birth defect where the kneecap pops out of the thighbone, causing the knee to lock and the dog to skip or hop. Breeds like Chihuahua and Pug often suffers from this.
Canine arthritis is a degenerative disease that is characterized by pain and inflammation in a dog’s joints. Large and heavy dogs are more likely to suffer from arthritis as their bodies grow quickly and they participate in more intensive physical activities.
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