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Turtle Tubs


  • <B>Ciano - Tartarium 40</B> (40x25.6x16.9cm)
    Ideal Terrapin housing. Comes equipped with a dry zone which can be placed anywhere thanks to the practical and elegant design. This dry zone has a ramp that can go in three separate positions depending on your preference
  • <B>Ciano - Tartarium 60</B> (60x29.6x19.5cm)
    Glass terrapin tank equipped with supports and dry zone in white high quality plastic with high gloss finish and a covered transparent plateau for the rest of your turtle and a great location to give the terrapin exposure to heat, essential for your pet turtles welfare and growth.
  • <B>Replacement foam for Tortum filter Tc500</B> (2pc)
    Filter media for TC- 500 internal filters. Works as a pre-filter capturing residues existing in the water.
  • <B>Tortum Terra Easy LED</B> (6w)
    EASY LED Tortum 6W
    This new generation LED technology enables very low power consumption and offers greater lighting durability.
  • <B>TORTUM Turtle TANK 75</B> (75x36x25cm)
    The TORTUM tanks are especially designed for turtles and includes all the necessary elements for creating a balanced habitat.
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