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U/V & Ozone


The use of UV and Ozone has long been a standard practice as one of the best and most effecient means to increase water quality, while still being able to promote water conservation. We have a selection of high quality UV and ozone products from brands as TMC, EHEIM and JBL!
  • <B>TMC - V2 Ozone generator UK</B>
    Raises oxidising levels (ORP) which helps to break down harmful waste products produced by fish, removing yellowing compounds and creating crystal clear water. It also suppresses parasite, bacterial and fungal activity providing a healthier environment for livestock in aquariums and ponds.
  • <B>JBL - UV/C Replacement Bulb</B>
    Replacement lamp for UV-C
  • <B>Theiling - UV-C Lamb</B> (18W)
    Replacement bulp for the Theiling UV-C Protector
  • <B>Theiling - UV-C Protector</B> (18W)
    Purifies the water with UV-C rays
  • <B>Theiling - UV-C Protector</B> (36W)
    Purifies the water with UV-C rays
  • <B>Theiling - UV-C Protector</B> (9W)
    Purifies the water with UV-C rays
  • Theiling - Sunmover Plus 5x115cm (360W)
    The Sunmover is a complete light that is composed of several "rails". The individual rails are individually pivotable, so that the light can be directed as needed -. B. away from the windshield, to reduce the algae growth. Air can circulate freely between the individual rails. This ensures optimal cooling and thus a long life of the LED. Sunmover can be made with 3 or 5 lightbars.
    LED chips and color combinations are identical to the rail. The lights are dimmable with any PWM control.
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