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U/V & Ozone


The use of UV and Ozone has long been a standard practice as one of the best and most effecient means to increase water quality, while still being able to promote water conservation. We have a selection of high quality UV and ozone products from brands as TMC, EHEIM and JBL!
  • <B>EHEIM - ReeflexUV 500 UV Clarifier</B>
    EHEIM reeflexUV reduces microorganisms in the water and eliminates turbidity more efficiently than ever before.

    ReeflexUV is yet another typical innovation from EHEIM: due to a built-in reflector the microorganism killing UV-C radiation is significantly increased and whereas in conventional UV-sterilisers the water is directed via detours past the UV-C burner, in the EHEIM reeflexUV water it takes the direct route. There is no loss of performance, you need less energy and the level of effectiveness is 1.8 times greater.

  • <B>JBL - AquaCristal UV-C</B> (72W)
    UV-C water clarifer; Removes greenish (floating algae) and whitish (bacterial) cloudiness by UV-C radiation reliably and quickly. Reduces water borne parasite contamination and the risk of infection without adverse reactions.

    Comes in:
  • <B>JBL - UV/C Replacement Bulb</B>
    Replacement lamp for UV-C
  • <B>Theiling - UV-C Protector</B> (36W)
    Purifies the water with UV-C rays
    AED900.00 460.00
  • Theiling - Sunmover Plus 5x115cm (360W)
    The Sunmover is a complete light that is composed of several "rails". The individual rails are individually pivotable, so that the light can be directed as needed -. B. away from the windshield, to reduce the algae growth. Air can circulate freely between the individual rails. This ensures optimal cooling and thus a long life of the LED. Sunmover can be made with 3 or 5 lightbars.
    LED chips and color combinations are identical to the rail. The lights are dimmable with any PWM control.
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