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  • <B>Midwest Poquito Avian Hotel</B> (Platinum)
    Traveling and bringing your bird? This state-of-the-art bird cage provides classy, safe traveling accommodations no matter if you are traveling by air, sear or land.
  • <B>Trixie - Feeding Barrel</B> (3.8L)
    Plastic storage for feed. Ideal to store all kinds of dry food in; Cat food, dog food, rabbit food or similar.

    Size: 3.8 L

  • <B>Padovan - Pallanido</B> (7x7.5cm)
    Reusable nesting fibre dispenser from Padovan. Preloaded with Padovan's nesting mixture containing coco fiber, sisal, jute and cotton.

    For birds, small rodents for nesting.
  • <B>PADO - Shower and Window perch</B> (Large)
    Handy perch with powerfull suction cups. Ideal for placing on glass doors or windows to keep the parrot at the best lookout spot in the house. Also ideal for showering the parrot.
  • <B>Trixie - Bird Lamp</B> (23W)
    Optimal light spectrum with UV-A rays and a low proportion of UV-B. Emitted UV-A rays facilitate activity, reproduction and appetite.

    - Flicker-free even for birds' eyes
    - Naturally balanced visible spectrum, with ‘Daylight’ colour temperature
    - Excellent natural colour rendering
    - The natural light spectrum created encourages plant growth
  • <B>Trixie - Bird Nest Exotic</B> (12x15cm)
    Bamboo nest for small/medium birds like Budgies and Canaries. With hooks for easy attachment.

  • <B>PADO - Grass Tippi</B> (BTLN214)
    Grass nest for small birds and small rodents like hamsters and gerbils. Also makes a nice addition for the garden to use for small softbills as nest. Approx. 15 cm in diameter and 20 cm tall.
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