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Vitalveto Insect Repellent Dog Collar (Dogs 20kg and up)

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Product no.: 102-007-011
Based on natural extracts. Repels fleas, ticks and Mosquitoes for up to 3 months.

For dog over 2 months of age and weight over 20kg.
With extracts from Margosa and Lavandin this dog collar keeps many know pests away from you pet. Margosa (neem) and Lavandin are both well-known for their insect repellent properties. It releases a pleasant scent that does not affect your dogs sense of smell.
This dog tick and flea collar can keep pest like Mosquitoes at bay as well, most needed in Dubai where we have several mosquitoes (even day active species) troubling us and our pets. Margosa (also know as neem) is a natural insecticide that will also keep lice and mites at bay (can not fight a infestation, but will repel to prevent infestation)

How to use: Fit the collar around your dog’s neck so that you can still push two fingers between the neck and collar. Particularly young animals still growing, a loose fit is important. Cut off any overhanging part of the collar. The flea and tick dog collar should be replaced approximately every 8 weeks, in case of strong infestation more frequently. the collar is 65cm long.

Please remove the collar before bathing your dog and or if the dog is wet. Only put it on again once your pet dry.
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