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Wet food for dogs

We at DubaiPetFood always strive to provide the highest-quality wet dog food. 

You can clearly see that by checking out the brands that we offer - they are not mass-market brands and products but rather unique and exclusive ones. This is all done to ensure that we keep our promise towards you and your pets. Having the best brands, of course, means that we need to be experts about what we offer. Most importantly, we need to understand how your dog's organism works and what's right for her. As with all living organisms, good nutritious is a necessary part of living a healthy lifestyle. This is why when we look at dogs we see not only friends, but also carnivores that evolved throughout the years - ones that have special needs in order to satisfy their nutritional needs optimally. As you might have noticed on the packaging of human supplements, you can also extrapolate the same for your dogs - taking supplements is helpful, but they should not be used as a replacement for a diverse diet. As much as we encourage you to supplement your dog with additional nutrients, we believe that you should in the first place provide them with a great source of natural proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. By picking the right food for your dog, one that is tailored to her animalistic needs, you can make sure that you will have more days of happiness together.

Best Canned Dog Food Brands

High-quality wet food for dogs, all high in meat content. At DubaiPetFood you will find only the best brands of canned dog food such as Natures Menu, Taste of the Wild, ZiwiPeak, NuTripe, Artemis, Butch, Royal Canin, Applaws, Arden Grange, Lily's Kitchen. 

Wide Wet Dog Food Selection

Here you can find all kinds of canned dog food. We have a wide selection of healthy wet dog food, made with human-grade ingredients. With our products, you can make sure your dog always gets a variety of foods and does not get bored with the same taste over and over again. You are always welcome to try out a few of our products and see which ones your dogs love the most.

Choose the Right Canned Wet Food for Your Dog

We understand some dogs require different types of food because of their health conditions. For that reason, we believe you should be able to find anything your sweet puppy or your fully grown furry friend might need.

Take a look at our wide selection of canned wet dog food brands:

Lily's Kitchen

Lily's Kitchen - a well-known wet dog food brand that always delivers the best quality. Their natural, delicious, and wholesome canned dog foods ensure your dog is always consuming the healthiest and most nourishing ingredients. They achieve that by putting care and knowledge in understanding your dog and her needs and preferences. 

Green & Wilds

Green & Wilds is a company that produces premium wet dog food that is made from high-quality ingredients. Some of the contained ingredients in their canned dog food include healthy vegetables, a large variety of superfoods and herbs, and much more. Their main focus is to give your pet not only a tasty but also a healthy, balanced diet - and all of that at once. They also distance themselves from the using meat derivatives, jellies or fillers, as well as artificial additives and flavors.

Natures Menu

Natures Menu focuses on producing canned food that all dogs love. Their canned dog food is made with real, human grade meat, blended fruits, and vegetables. Their wholesome wet dog food is nutritionally balanced and developed with the help of vets. It contains no artificial colorings, flavorings, meat meals or meat derivatives. The company clearly cares for your pets by providing wet dog food for when your canine has a sensitive tummy - they offer grain free and chicken free wet dog food.

Arden Grange

Arden Grange is a company focused mainly on delivering the highest quality healthy and nourishing wet dog food. The wet dog food they provide will definitely be beneficial to your dog because they use only high-quality standards and ingredients as for humans.


Merrick Pet Care is a company that focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. Because they care about your dog, they strive not only to produce the best quality canned dog food but also to build and nurture relationships. All of their wet dog food is produced with USA ingredients only, ensuring their canned dog food always goes through quality control. 

Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild - just as the name implies the company's mission is to embrace the wilderness in your pets. They achieve that by bringing premium, high-quality wet dog food that matches your dog's ancestral diet. All of their canned dog food is tailored to your dog and contain best-quality ingredients such as meats and probiotics that bring additional health benefits for your dogs.


ZiwiPeak is a company that focuses on delivering the best quality food for your dog. They have your dog's well-being and longevity in sight and are working towards these goals. They achieve this by providing the best ingredients from the Southern oceans of New Zealand. They put a lot of effort delivering high-quality wet dog food that is rich in meats. By doing this, they closely copy your dog's natural diet - something that normally excludes grain foods.


Artemis is a company that takes a holistic approach when producing their canned dog food. They live by this philosophy, and it is what affects their natural, wholesome wet dog foods. Thier wet dog food is developed to keep a balanced diet of fibers, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. They do that in order to achieve optimal doses that have health benefits for your dogs. Their canned dog food is also made to meet quality standard levels.

Natures Variety

Nature's Variety is a company that puts attention on providing pure, authentic wet dog food. They pick the ingredients that are perfectly suitable for your dog. They keep their foods 100% free of any types of grain - corn, wheat, soy - and artificial colors and flavors. Rather than that, they use ingredients that fit your pet's natural diet. Some of the meats they use include poultry and fish which are essential for your dog's health.

Zeal Wetfood

If you want your dog to be eating quality food, look no further than Zeal. The food made in New Zealand exceeds the recommended nutritional standards of AAFCO. Zeal canned food is the optimal meal with which you can treat your furry friend. This food is designed and made as a 100% alternative for both your adult canines and growing puppies.


NuTripe canned dog food has a new and improved formula that is a source of two "superfoods." The ingredients are specifically picked and combined so that they provide optimal health benefits for your pet. Not only do the boost their health, but dogs also love the taste. Your dogs will benefit from the many added digestive enzymes and beneficial bacteria, as well as helps to improve your pet's metabolism and hormone function. The overall effect of that is that your pet gets healthier and develops a stronger immune system.


Applaws is a company that focuses on what they call natural simplicity - they provide wet dog food that contains nothing artificial, including colors, flavors, or preservatives. Their best-quality ingredients are obtained with the highest ethical standards. Not only does their canned food doesn't contain any cheap and unnecessary additives and fillers, but they also use the finest cuts of breast meat or fish fillet.

Happy Dog

Happy Dog is a unique company that provides wet dog food that keeps your pets satisfied. As a carnivore animals, dogs have high requirements for the nutritional balance in their food. For that reason, Happy Dog's canned dog food contain high-quality ingredients that are the source of various animal proteins. Combined with the moderate energy content of in their canned dog food, they ensure that your dog will always get a dose of good fullness. It is clear that this company understands how to make dogs happy - they know what your pets love, and that is precisely where they put all their efforts. 

Natural Balance

Natural Balance produces handcrafted and perfectly cooked wet dog food. The variety of tastes ensures your dog will be getting all the healthy nutrients every time with pleasure. Their complete and balanced formulas provide beneficial nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds. They, of course, also offer products that are suitable for puppies. Such are some of their canned dog food products that are also grain-free, helping the digestive health of your dogs. Since they focus on producing high-quality wet dog food, it is normal for them to exclude artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives from their products.


Butch is a company that understands your pet's nature - dogs are carnivores. They produce meat-based wet dog food with over 75% meat content. What that does, is that it ensures your dogs receive the food that nature intended for them. This is beneficial since animal protein is naturally high in all essential amino acids - and all of that fulfills the required amounts for development and muscle growth. Not only does it contain nutritious ingredients, but Butch's wet dog food is also free of allergens - including sugar, wheat, gluten, yeast, artificial flavors, and more.

Royal Canin

There is probably no one out there who understands dogs better than Royal Canin. Their wet dog food products perfectly fit into three categories - size-based dog food, life stage-based wet dog food, and others(special) products category. Because a dog's needs do not only change as they grow but also based on their breed, they have made size-based wet dog food that suits your pet best by matching her nutritional needs. The products in the life stage categories are designed to match your dog's needs during different periods of its upbringing, as well as adult life. As their needs change, so should their food. This is true even for the cases where special types of dog food are needed. That is why Royal Canin offers products that are suitable in cases where your dog is not able to consume the standard ones. 


Fleischeslust produces 100% natural wet dog foods that have at least 80% meat content. The meat that they use in their products is of very high human-grade quality. That means in their dog food products there's only actual meat, organs, and muscles, without the usual substitutes feather and skin. The packages used are not only made in the shape of a sausage for convenience but list all contents.  Many of the ingredients are organic and come from local German farms. As one of the best companies in the dog food industry, Fleischeslust keeps their food free of preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, and most of the dangerous low-grade agents.

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