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Wet food for cats

Quality wetfood for all felines. We stock both canned and pouched options from a large range of international brands. We have both age related diet like kitten and senior specialized diets and food for all lifestages. We even stock functional diets, like anti-hairball, sterilized, digestion support, light and Urinary support. Between the many brands we offer there is of course a very very large range of flavor options and multiple texture/consistency options to choose among for find the formula that suits YOUR feline. Mousse, chunks in gravy, chunks in jelly, shredded or broth.  

Our assortment consist of Natures Menu, Lily's Kitchen, Applaws, Kit Cat, Schesir, Royal Canin, Witty Cat , ZiwiPeak, Taste of the Wild, Sheba, Merrick, Almo Natures, ProPlan, Thrive, Hill's, Purina and Applaws. Dubaipetfood.com and The Petshop Now also offers a large range of fully Organic Cat Wet foods from brands like Lily's Kitchen, Witty Cat and Schesir. 
We keep stock of wetfood pouches from Royal Canin and Natures Menu,and cans from ZiwiPeak. We stock everything from Royal Canin Babycat, Intense Beauty and Ageing +12, Lily's Kitchens Catch of the Day, Taste of the Wilds fish diets, Natures Menu mousse for kittens and Country Hunter diets.

Buy wet food in our shop

A cat's main meal should always consist of dry food. Dry food helps ensure that the cat has a healthy digestion. However, it is a good idea to supplement the diet, with wet food in smaller amounts. We recommend replacing one of the two daily meals with wet food. Alternatively, you can serve wet food for your cat once-twice a week.
Wet food contains a large amount of water. If you are serving wet food occasionally, you make sure that your cat gets enough fluid. Occasionally, the thirst disappears for sterilized cats. Therefore, it may be a great idea to serve wet food for your cat, if it’s sterilized.

We recommend that you serve the wet food separately and do not mix it with the dry food. Cats usually prefer wet foods, and if you mix wet and dry food, your cat could become spoiled, and it is then possible that it becomes very difficult for you, to get your cat to eat pure dry food again.

Buy wet food with different tastes

We sell a lot of wet food products in our shop. You can find wet food with a wide variety of flavors which is why we are sure that we have something which suits your cat. We conveniently sell all our wet food as singles, making it easier to find a flavor your cat likes. Once your cat has picked a favorite, you can buy the wet food in bulk by the box or tray.
You can, for example, find wet food with the taste of salmon, turkey, chicken and tuna. We have many different brands represented in our shop. You can, for example, find wet foods from the following manufacturers: Lily's Kitchen, Natures Menu, Merrick, Zeal Cat Food and Artemis Taste of the Wild.

You can also find dry food in our shop

As you can see, we have a lot of wet food products. However, we also have many dry food products. You can find them here.
As mentioned above, we recommend that you only serve wet food as a supplement. It is important that your cat is primarily fed with dry foods because this ensures that your cat has a healthy digestion.

Fast delivery and great customer service

If you live in Dubai or Sharjah we can deliver wet food for your cat the same day you order it or the day after. Abu Dhabi delivery within 48hrs.
We deliver to all 7 Emirates and we deliver 7 days a week. 
If you have any questions about wet food for cats, our customer service will be delighted to help you. You can get through to them on 04 887 8218 or call toll free on 800 PETSHOP.

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