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Wild Life

  • Trixie - Dried Mealworms (70 g)
    Product Features:
    - protein-rich food for reptiles
    - ideal addition to live food
    - also suitable for small mammals
    AED20.00 18.00
  • <B>Duvo - Meal Worms</B> (200g)
    Dried Meal worms retain much of their nutrients in the drying process and are high in protein. Dried worms last much longer than live worms and are easily stored until needed.
    AED58.00 52.20
  • PADO - Dried Meal Worms (200g)
    Dried Meal worms retain much of their nutrients in the drying process and are high in protein. Dried worms last much longer than live worms and are easily stored until needed.
    AED29.40 26.46
  • Bird Living - Classic Bat House
    Wooden Bat cave made in UAE. Ideal for those that want to keep the little night guards on patrol catching the mosquitoes and other bugs that bug you.
  • Exotic Nutrition - Hedgehog Complete Food (2.27kg)
    Give your hedgies the nutritionally fortified pellet formula Hedgehog Complete food from Exotic Nutrition. This food will provide your thorny little companion variety of nutrition he needs. This food contains high quality protein to keep him healthy from his nose to his quills. It highlights high level of meat protein, fresh grains and dried mealworms, with an assortment of added nutrients and minerals.He'll appreciate the rich flavors and you'll feel great serving a healthy formula that is 100 percent natural.That implies no artificial colors, flavors or additives.
    AED119.00 107.10
  • Trixie - Bee Hotel (11×30×14cm)
    Many insects are very useful in the garden, especially bees. Bees pollinate flowers and make honey. This bee hotel silhouette offers the bees a safe nesting place. The different types of bees that come to this type of house include wild bees, digging wasps and mason bees. The house itself is made of wood and has a zinc roof, which promotes a longer life. The bee hotel is also very easy to hang.
  • Trixie - Bee Hotel (17x23x12cm)
    Cute little garden decoration that ill also attract the right crowd!
  • Trixie - Bee Hotel (30×35×12cm)
    Cute little garden decoration that ill also attract the right crowd!

    Natural and plain bee hotel that is easy to install and will make a nice addition to your garden. Many of the garden small helpers you don't see helps keeping your garden rich in blossoms and fights off different pests like aphids and other garden pets.

    Increasing urbanization means that there is less nesting space for bees and many species are endangered. By placing a bee hotel, you offer the bees a safe environment to reproduce. Bees are also very useful and peaceful insects. They leave honey and pollinate flowers, which also benefit the plants and crops in your garden.
  • Trixie - Bee Hotel Bark Wood (20cm)
    This Bee Hotel Bark Wood from Trixie is a very good nesting place for wild bees, digging wasps and mason bees.

    It's also going to be a great hanging decor to your garden.
  • Trixie - Insect Hotel (18×29×10cm)
    With the Trixie Insect Hotel you offer nesting and wintering help to your gardens little helper. Pine cones offer protection to ladybugs and mesh flies. The hollow branches and stems offer a nesting place for digging wasps and solitary bees. The wood with holes is a nesting place for mason bees.

  • Trixie - Insect Hotel (29×49×16cm)
    An insect house is a true addition to your garden. This insect house will help different types of insects find a good shelter, so that these valuable insects can reproduce. In addition to the fact that insects are invaluable to nature, your garden will also benefit from an insect house. If you have crops in the garden, these bugs help to pollinate it and they also help in the fight against lice.

    This insect house has 5 different types of entrances and materials, making the house multi functional. This versatile insect house attracts many different visitors: butterflies, mason bees, digging wasps and wild bees, ladybugs and lacewings.
  • Trixie - Insect Hotel (30×30×14cm)
    This Trixie Insect Hotel is a true addition to your garden. Insects are invaluable to nature, so purchasing an insect house contributes to the ecosystem. In addition, you also benefit from an insect hotel, because insects help in the fight against lice and they also help pollinate crops in the garden.

    This insect house has 3 different types of materials, so it attracts multiple insect species. You can think of ladybugs, lacewings, digging wasps, wild bees and earwigs.

    This insect hotel is very versatile, so you can expect many different visitors.
  • Trixie - Mikkel Wooden House (13×9×12cm)
    A shelter for hamsters and other small rodents made of durable and resistant flamed wood. Our rodent friends love to hide and feel safe, this wooden hamster house comes to fulfill this mission!

    Without lower support, you can place this wooden hamster house directly on the straw or shavings of your rodent's cage. Hamsters crave warmth and coziness , with this worry-free shelter your rodent will feel secure enough to create a cozy corner and sleep peacefully.

    An almost must-have cage accessory, the Flamed Wood Playhouse has been popular in our rodent cages for many years.
  • Trixie - Natural Living Insect Hotel
    Nice garden addition to attract the gardens little helpers like butterflies, bees and other useful insects, like ladybirds.
  • Trixie - Sand Bath for Hamsters/Mice (20×12×12cm)
    A sand bath is very important for hamsters and other small rodents. By washing in the sand, skin and coat remain in top condition and even vermin is controlled. The wooden sand bath from Trixie is designed in such a way that the sand always remains inside the container. The two holes on top allow them to get in or out easily, even if there are several rodents in it. On the front is a plexiglass plate, so you can see how your little friends wash or dig. Of course also very nice to watch with children and to explain what they are doing.
    AED58.00 49.30
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