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Wild Life

  • Bird Living - Classic Bat House
    Wooden Bat cave made in UAE. Ideal for those that want to keep the little night guards on patrol catching the mosquitoes and other bugs that bug you.
  • Exotic Nutrition - Hedgehog Complete Food (2.27kg)
    Give your hedgies the nutritionally fortified pellet formula Hedgehog Complete food from Exotic Nutrition. This food will provide your thorny little companion variety of nutrition he needs. This food contains high quality protein to keep him healthy from his nose to his quills. It highlights high level of meat protein, fresh grains and dried mealworms, with an assortment of added nutrients and minerals.He'll appreciate the rich flavors and you'll feel great serving a healthy formula that is 100 percent natural.That implies no artificial colors, flavors or additives.
  • Trixie - Bee Hotel
    Cute little garden decoration that ill also attract the right crowd!
  • Trixie - Insect Hotel (18×29×10cm)
    With the Trixie Insect Hotel you offer nesting and wintering help to your gardens little helper. Pine cones offer protection to ladybugs and mesh flies. The hollow branches and stems offer a nesting place for digging wasps and solitary bees. The wood with holes is a nesting place for mason bees.

  • Trixie - Natural Living Insect Hotel
    Nice garden addition to attract the gardens little helpers like butterflies, bees and other useful insects, like ladybirds.
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