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  • <B>ZETLIGHT - Lancia A lighting 1047 - Marine</B> (42W)
    Zetlight lancia ZP4000 Plant is a high quality LED lighting with a modern look. It's waterproof level is rated at IP68 which means that it's protection from being damaged by water is at its greatest extent. It comes with a sliding feet that will perfectly fit into your marine water tank.
    AED586.95 440.00
  • <B>ZETLIGHT - Lancia A lighting 590 - Fresh</B>
    T5 and T8 tubs LED replacement Lamps. ZP4000 model
  • <B>ZETLIGHT - Lancia A lighting 590 - Plant</B> (23w)
    T5 and T8 tubs LED replacement Lamps. ZP4000 model
  • <B>ZETLIGHT - Lancia A lighting 895 - Plant</B> (34W)
    T5 and T8 bulps replacements in LED version. ZP4000 Series

    Yellow Light
  • <B>ZETLIGHT - Marine LED Qmaven ZT6600</B> (200W)
    The ZetLight LED Lighting System is intended to give all scopes of color range required by corals and plants to upgrade their development rate, enhance their tinge and gives your aquarium the most pleasing combination of colors, it is built with a slim and low profile body, designed to seamlessly merge into your living area with elegance. It comes with both pendant mount hanging kit and a tank-top mounting frame which also let's you program your own photograph period to completely control the power of light for your aquarium from day break to nightfall.
    AED2,781.45 1,640.00
  • <B>ZETLIGHT - Pro series ZP3600</B> (Multifunction)
    The ZP3600 Pro LED Reef Lighs lighting system can provide 5 time period settings for hobbyists from dawn, sunrise, daytime, sunset, nightime, to lights out.

    Suitable for tanks 60 to 120cm long and between 48 and 88cm wide
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