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Zoo Max

  • <B>Zoo Max - 2 Cotton Mini 7</B>
    Made of 100% cotton rope, vegetable leather, pony beads, with a small bell for more fun. Ideal for smaller parrots, like budgies, parrotlets and Cockatiels.This toy is not safe for a large parrot
  • <B>Zoo Max - Birdy Plunk Medium</B>
    Fun mind teaser for birds - fill with treats and let the bird work it out to get the treats.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Block Perch 14</B>
    Large perch for medium to large parrots. Width 35cm. This toy is excellent for medium to large parrots, like greys, ringnecks and conures
  • <B>Zoo Max - Block Perch for Small Parrots</B>
    Wooden perch for small parrots. Width 25cm. This toy is excellent for smaller parakeets, conures and cockatiels
  • <B>Zoo Max - Cinnamon Roll</B>
    Nylon rope with wood beads for different shapes. Ideal for Small to medium parrots like Conures, Senegals and Quackers.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Cocotte Medium</B>
    Wood planks on chain - colorful and durable - hours of nibbling fun for active parrots. This toy is excellent for medium parrots like cockatiel, senegal, conures, caiques and quakers.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Octopus CD Junior</B>
    Your small parrot will love this toy - cottonrope with ponybeads and small knots! Just what it take to keep budgies, cockatiels lovebirds and parrotlets happy.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Porcupine Small</B>
    Large Leather roll, with massive wood beads attached with leather strings. Suitable for Conures, Senegals, Quackers and similar sizes parrots.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Puncho Small/Medium</B>
    Braided sisal rope and leather strips to be use as perch or just time-kill. Ideal for feather-pickers! Suitable for small to medium parrots.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Radar Big</B>
    Blocks, blocks and bells - You bird got thing for colorful blocks or just a urge to nibble and make noice.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Rou-Dumdum</B>
    Colorful toy with mix of wood beads and paper rope, mounted in a large plastic base. Attaches to cage with small chain. For all small to medium parrots.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Single Cube</B>
    A really BIG bird toy - require a LARGE cage or to be mounted in the sealing. Ideal for medium to large parrots. Box frame is 25x25cm.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Tippy Medium</B>
    Large wooden beads on paper rope, decorated with a knotted cotton rope. Ideal for medium to large parrots like Cockatoos, African greys, Eclectus and Amazons.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Tournicotti Large</B>
    Large number of colorful sisal rope, with several wood blocks in between, finished with a cottonrope (not shown).
    This toy is excellent for medium to large parrots, like greys, ringnecks and conures.
  • <B>Zoo Max - Twiggy Small</B>
    Don't let the name scare - this is a large toy for medium parrots, like conures, greys, cockatiels and similar sizes birds. The amount of fill will keep even a active bird occupied for coupe of hours, lets destructive birds will have many days of fun in this toy
  • <B>Zoo Max Medium Parrot Stand T3004</B>
    Come with instruction for assembling. Made completely of food grade PVC, with no heavy metal, no phenol, no Lead and no phthalates.

    For medium to large parrots, like Africans Greys Birds not included!
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